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Monday, March 9, 2009

Still here

Today is Monday and we have started another week. Every day has brought new medical trials for Megan. If it is not her heart and blood pressure is is her metabolic acids, potassium or ph levels. On Saturday her glucose went out of control and on Sunday morning it was in the 700's. Yes - the 700's. Why? That was the mystery over the weekend. She has been pumped full of insulin to get it down and it might be due to one of the particular steroids she is on - she is on at least 4 I can think of . Apparently she was supposed to get weaned from it last week and it did not happen. The resident misunderstood the orders and actually increased it. Big mistake - apparently the attending physician made the order that the resident screwed up and there is no system to make sure this does not happen until something like this or worse happens. She is also on high blood pressure meds now and heart meds. She currently has 3 IV's and some have multiple ports attached to them to dose many meds at one time. These are in addition to the meds going through the GTube all day long. Her fevers are still way out of control and infectious disease took more cultures from the lungs and nose this morning that are getting sent somewhere accross the country to look for rarer virus' that they cant run here. So far we only have positive yeast in the lungs and positive C-Diff bacteria in the stool, but nothing to link directly to the high fevers. She looks really bad today. Her eyelids are swollen and her skin is so pasty.

I downloaded a bunch of baby songs and lullabies onto the MP3 player and brought her little headphones from home and have been playing music for her. We have to turn it up to the loudest volume for her, but she hears it and you can tell she likes it. Her eyes started to move and she was really relaxed. It is one thing she likes that we can do. We have her massager here too. I am going to give her a in the bed duck bath and massage her tonight. Every girl loves to be pampered - even with more wires and tubes than you know what to do with.

Going into her bedroom to get some things is the strangest feeling. I lost it yesterday morning in there. James said he hates the house with us gone and he just wants to hear Megan cry and make some noise. I know how he feels. I just want to take her home and go back to living our life even as up and down as it has been. This place really wears on you. I feel a little clostrophobic. I think Megan looks uncomforatble - even if she is not, lying in bed for weeks on end.

We have had lots of friends and families visit us. Margie, Allison and Bonnie and Rachelle have been on daytime rotations while Kerstin and Arlene are weekend and evening shifts. It has and is great support for me and has helped with time passing for sure. I know that it is really hard for some people to do hospitals in general and I understand that. They are not my favorite places either. I know that everyone is thinking of us in one way or another and if I needed something for any of us I could reach out and ask them. That is special to have that and I am grateful for it.

Dont think we are going to get to try anything this week as far as extubation. I hope and pray it happens, but we just have to wait and see.


Colleen said...

Sending lots of prayers!

Marie said...

Thinking and praying for you all! With love and hugs.

Anonymous said...

We are thinking of you all and sending all our love.

AuntLoretta,Uncle Eddie and Michael