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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Another round

This week has been full of more Dr. visits  with the specialists.  Thankfully we saw Dr. P who has been able to solve the mystery of Megan's swallowing issues.  Has nothing to do with decreased muscle tone - it is her allergies that have triggered her reflux and her esophagus is completely raw and red.  Go figure - the ENT figured it out.  Not the GI or the allergist/immunologist.  It all stems back to medicine - what else.  Since coming off the Ketogenic Diet some of the doctors have been wanting to prescribe liquid meds again even though I prefer the tablets and caplets.  The sugar in the liquids are allergens - corn syrups, sugar alcohols, etc - feel like such an idiot for not realizing this.  I printed every hidden name for sugar that exists and cant believe that some of them are names I would pass by.  Even on labels that say sugar free!!!! or no added sugar.  So we are back on track to heal that up.  Poor baby.  I cant imagine - like having strep throat or tonsilits and being ignored. 

Saw the immunologist too.  Good news is her immunoglobulin levels have doubled since starting the IVIG 6 months ago.  Bad news is her liver enzymes are elevated - that could mean a  multitude of things - from disease progression on the next "victim" organ, or affects of medicines - or a bad batch of immunoglobulin - there is another kid testing the same way as Megan on the same product.  In that case it would be hepatitis which would suck!  Going to wait and see though.  Not going to try and figure this out.  Just going to get the labs drawn and see what they show.

Tomorrow we are going to the pulmonologist for a follow up.  I am so over the doctor appointments already.  At least tomorrow is Friday and then there will be 2 days without a doctors office.  yay!!!

Saturday night is going to be the start of the next chapter in James' life.  He is going to homecoming with a date- in a limo -!!!!  It is a bunch of couples but here we go.  I hope he enjoys himself and realizes what great times these are for him.  I always wanted to be done with high school and onto bigger and better things.  Of course I knew everything so noone could tell me to slow down.  Wish I would have though.  I missed out on a lot.  I never went to a homecoming or prom!!  I thought they were stupid. 

Like Tim McGraw says:

I cant remember who I was back then

you do what you do and you pay for your sins
and theres no such thing as what might have been
its a waste of time
drive you out of your mind

This part of his song has always had a deep effect on me and made me think.  More so than most other things I have heard in my life so far.  It is very.......................real and true.

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