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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Loss of a child with Mito

This is straight off the blog from another parent that has two kids, one with Mito Encephelopathy and one with Autism. This literally took the breath out of my body when I read it. The pain I felt for this family was unreal. I am still crying. Please pray for this family. Thanks for posting this Colleen.

Today my heart is breaking for one of the familys that I have been following the past year. They had two little girls and expecting a third. Their little one Marie had a type of mito, called Leighs disease. I have been following their joys and struggles. Yesterday I witnessed both of these. Thursday they welcomed a new baby girl into their family, Sarah. Sarah met her big sisters that night. Sadly Friday morning, Marie made her journey home, carried by Jesus. She passed away in her sleep. My heart is just aching for them. Please send some prayers for their family!
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Colleen said...

Their blog..if anyone would like to leave a prayer...Our Journey Home.