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Friday, November 14, 2008

Meg is Laughing

Wednesday night Megan pulled another all nighter. She was raring to go. I felt like death on Thursday but not Meg. I have never seen her so strong - and full of herself. She actually had some head control and was trying really hard to use her forearm to push herself up. Of course I helped her and she was soooooo happy and you could see the sense of accomplishment in her little face. It was great, but I cant go 24/7!!! I was crying last week and blubbered out - I just want to see her laugh!!! Well I got my wish - God was listening. It was awesome. James and Ryan were pretty amazed too. We filmed it so Daddy could see it when he got home. Grandma Judy came over and we showed her and she cried watching it. Nobody has ever seen her laugh. I can see that something is clicking - the HBOT definitely helps her, no matter what any Dr. says it makes her body work better. Also going gluten/casein/soy free has helped with her GI pain - the first 2 weeks was rough. It was like a torture process, but that is what the Dr. told me it would be like. He compared it too a drug addict going through detox and getting rid of the poison. And it was. He said that the gluten/casein was like an opiate on her brain. Honestly I was thinking I will try it - why not, but I can see more clarity in her cognitive awareness. She is also going to the bathroom every morning - even with all the rice flour, rice cereal, rice everything which I was sure was going to make her not go. I had been mainly relying on babylax enemas every 3-4 days since about July. Nice to see she is doing this herself. You take it for granted that doing that is just going to happen. Not for little ones like Meggie. I feel more positive again that she is better and have a renewed sense of hope and faith. I was really bummed out and was questioning why God was not pulling me through and helping me stay strong for Meg and how unfair it is that she suffers and cries so much AND NEVER, EVER LAUGHS. To see that renewed it all for me. Such a little thing for most, but I cant express how happy it made me. James asked to see the video this morning. He said Mom, just one more time before I go to school. He is so sweet. To be 13 and have such a big compassionate heart. Ryan has also been sick this week. Hard to take care of Meg and have Ryan home sick. He is only 6 and wants Mommy bad when he is sick and Meg requires constant one on one. I also wanted to keep his germs as far away from Meg as possible. She can not get sick. She is gaining a little weight back and cant afford to get sick again. So how do you take care of a sick little boy and a complicated little girl and everything else? Very patiently - that is how.

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Colleen said...

BEAUTIFUL! I am so happy it renewed your even brought me to tears.