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Wednesday, December 11, 2013


Meg in for CT scans now - going down at 11 am for bronchoscopy and upper gi - did not happen yesterday. If all goes well and she wakes up after anesthesia fine we should be discharged home to await what is next and hopefully gain some insight as to what is causing all of this junk in the upper airway and making us depend on suctioning and pulmonary toileting around the clock. We were told that after looking at her lungs they were all in shock that they are perfect and are not damaged - does not make any sense - they were expecting to see some bad stuff in there but they are clear and look just like the way they should - they attribute it to all of the work done in keeping them this way - I think she is stronger there than anyone thinks - but yet more vulnerable of course which is tricky! To say the least they are definitely puzzled at how she presents. Tell me something I don't know??? Not the first time she has done this to a bunch of great doctors. Which by the way - they are wonderful here. I am impressed - they all really care and want to help my little ballerina!

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