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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Respiratory Infection Already?

It is September 12 - way too early for Meg to already be starting up with respiratory infections.  First one hit on the 10th.  She was find at 2:00 pm and by 3:00 pm she sounded like a freight train was in her chest.  Immediately started the extra CPT, nebs and vest treatements.  To no avail....
At 2:30 am she was desaturating and her heart rate was skyrocketing.  Oxygen in the low 80's and heart rate in the 130's while sleeping.  Popped on the nasal canula and O2.  Got the oxygen back to high 90's and heart rate to around 100 at 2 liters.  Of course the fever was right after that.  She was due for her immunoglobulin infustion on Wednesday but I stuck it in and pumped her full of some antibodies a day early hoping to boost something.  That, some extra vitamin C and a fresh blueberry (antioxidant) tube feeding...try everything and anything, right?

We arrived at PCP office at 10:30 am and got our "favorite" Rocephin injection in the leg.  Ouch.  Usually Megan screams like a mad cat when that gorilla juice goes into her tiny little leg but she was so lethargic and wilted she just blinked really hard and made a moan.  

She was off the 02 by the afternoon and we kept up the albuterol nebs and vest treatements.   Last night she did not need to go back on which is awesome and sooooo relieving.  Trying to decide if we should get a second dose of the juice  -  it cant really hurt her but is it too much?  Want her to continue to heal but dont want to clog her up with a/biotics and the side effects from those either.  Oh - what to do?????

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