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Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Venting here.  I hate doctors offices!!!!  I am so sick of being in them.  And I hate the stupid medical assistants who cant get anything right...........espeially when they are working in an office that is taking care of chronic and disabled children.  Pay attention and follow through on what you were supposed to do so it gets done and I dont have to chase may tail in circles to make sure you do your job.  This is the best.  I am at St. Joes at the Medical Arts Building.  The 3rd floor is all pediatrics and specialists.  Nutrition, mobility, movement disorders, GI, metabolic disorders - basically all the kids being seen there have issues - big ones.  So I am waiting for the Dr. that does the botox injections for spasticity and movement disorders and Megan's feeding pump clogs and I can not get it to work. She is sick with a fever - but we could not miss this appt or else we would be 6 months down the road for a reschedule.  So I make sure we are there.  With her fever I need to make sure she is hydrated and fed - also she has lost 2 more pounds due to more GI complications that we are waiting on the GI Dr.s Med assistant to refer us into Shands on an urgent basis for a GI stimulator so she can digest - which she screwed up - per  my comments above.  Anyway the nutrition is really important.  I go out to the front desk and ask the receptionist for a cup so I can at least get the food out of the feeding bag and give her bolus feeds to keep her hydrated.  She tells me there arent any.  I ask - is there a kitchen that you all use maybe?  A water cooler?  Then I say wait the ped lab is right here - they have to have a sterile specimen cup.  She tells me no.  I tell her why I need it - to feed my daughter and her feeding pump broke(the 60cc syringe I have does not fit into the top of the bag to extract the food and the 10 cc syringe is too short to get in there to get any food.  Besides the fact that it is really hard to do that with a sick crying spastic child with flailing arms without spilling it before being able to get it out and get it into the gtube.  She tells me I cant go to the lab and ask.  I ask her if she is able to....she says no.  She also knew exactly who Megan was because she saw us come in - everyone saw and heard us come in.  She was arching up out of her wheel chair and her arms were extended out cojpletely straight while she was crying and choking on phlem..  I almost killed this woman.....I did not say anything...I just looked at her and walked away in shock.  Can you  imagine?  I felt like telling her I would not pee on her if she was on fire in front of me.  What is wrong with people?????????????????


Colleen Burgess said...

Wow totally bull crap! I would be making a complaint to the hospital for such crappy treatment!

Anonymous said...

Ditto! Report her actions to the hospital administration.
I'm sure the only reason you didn't clock that broad was because you had bigger concerns trying to do what Megan needed done.
Hope Meg is feeling better now.

Aunt Loretta