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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Can't believe it is already October in a few days.  Where does the time go?  This past month has come and gone so fast my head is spinning.  I guess Megan being sick all month on and off , mostly on - has made it a bit more blurry than usual.  Hoping we are on the mend now finally.  She went through Rocephin shots (3), 10 days of Levaquin and has about 4 more days of Tobi Nebs left.  If this doesn't do the trick I guess we will talk to infectious disease about an admit for IV a/biotics.  Yuck - makes me sick to even think about a hospital stay!!  Ryan and James are taking turns with their stuff - who is sick, who hates school - who lost a binder with all of their work.  My patience for this stuff is very short these days.  Some of the stuff that is coming home from school is just absolutely riduculous. 

Still feeling kind of out of sorts with everything.  I am in a spot I don't really recongnize.  Not miserable - not happy - not anything.  Maybe just here....

I know what my responsibilities are - who and what I am responsible for and I am getting the job done.  I wish I could say I was getting it done with more UMPH though instead of just getting it done.. My get up and go got up and went???  That is what it feels like.  I don't like it so I have to fix this.  I want to feel connected to everything instead of just existing FOR everything. 

The next couple of weeks are more follow up visits, blah, blah, blah.

Ryan starts soccer this coming Monday - that is exciting - it will be his first team and I can't wait to see him play.  James is in a Boston Brace - dont know if I said that before.  He fractured his spine between L4 and L5 - probably in football but who really knows.  He hates it.  It looks like a medieval torture vest!!

That's all I've got!!!

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