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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Bye Bye Trach

Decannulation done.  Trach out as of 4pm on April 26th.  Hello Kitty is protecting the stoma which will take about 3-5 months to close, unless ENT stitches it shut first which is what I am hoping for.  We see him tomorrow morning.  Feel like a ton has been lifted off of us – and Megan looks so much better.  Swallowing everything is a bit of a challenge and so is clearing the stuff in her chest, but I think she is doing okay .  Really nice to hold her without something getting in the way.  Tomorrow is Pat and my anniversary and i cant think of a better present.  



Anonymous said...

She looks great!!!! I so wish I could of seen you guys when you were there on Monday but that was my day off. I am so happy for you all what a great anniversary gift Terry and Pat!!

Love you Megan

Kim B

Colleen said...

Oh Congratulations!!! I am so happy for all of you!!!

Anonymous said...

Fanntastic picture!
Maybe this is at least one small miracle. Isn't that what our lives are all about?
Love to all of you,
Aunt Loretta

Anonymous said...

Congratulations. She looks good.

Anonymous said...

She is so beautiful!! Our thoughts and prayers are with your family. Congratulations on this milestone.

Matt and Jackie Caswell

Anonymous said...

YAY!! I'm soooo happy everything went well!!! I love the hello kitty bandaid!! I miss you guys soo much!!

<3 Rachelle

Anonymous said...

update? It's been a month, just curious and saying prayers