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Monday, July 28, 2008

A much needed family vacation

We went on a family vacation on July 19th and got back home last night. James and Ryan could not have been happier to have Meg around jamming up their action.

The most noticeable difference I can see is Meg's vision. I also THINK she is hearing better - or she is processing what she was already hearing???? So hard to tell, but something is going on new in that department.

Her ability to stay awake is improved which is good because we can get more aggressive with PT and hopefully get her sitting up. I imagine a view of the world from your back is really boring - especially now that she has seen it from an upward view.

Pat and I are focusing on more HBOT. I also got a referral from my Uncle Charlie in Melbourne about Childrens Hospital of Philadelphia which is interesting because I met a surgeon from Philly coming home from Wisconsin and then today the pharmacist at Publix (Mike)(who handles A LOT of stuff for Megan) & I were talking and his nephew has a very rare genetic disease which is different than Megs, but has some very similar features is being handled there and I have his brothers phone number and doctors name to contact for the metabolic, GI and immune system issues. Something keeps pointing there for some medical follow up.

We are going to be world travelers soon. Thinking I should just learn how to fly a plane, or get a tour bus????

Thanks to everyone for your support. Some of you who know Wendy (my sister in law) generously donated money to a Bank of America account for Megan. Words cant express our appreciation to Wendy for taking the time and energy to arrange it in the middle of her chaos and to all of you who pitched in for the benefit of my little girl.

Thanks for sharing our hopes and dreams. This is the kind of stuff that renews our faith and turns these dreams into realities.

Love To All -

The Garrett Family

Terri, Pat, James, Ryan, and MEGAN

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